Corporate Organisation

FederlegnoArredo is organised to ensure the active participation of entrepreneurs in the life of the Federation.

The following are institutional bodies of FederlegnoArredo:

The Members’ assembly, “comprising the representatives of all the member companies”. It represents the basic organ of the Federation and determines the overall guidelines and directives of the Federation.
Its tasks include: the election of the President; election of members of the Board; approval of the accounts and budget.
The votes at the meeting are assigned on the basis of contributions paid and the number of employees.

The Management Committee: is the governing body of the Federation, and is responsible for pursuing the statutory objectives.

The Executive Board: consists of the President, the Vice-Presidents, the immediate past-President, the members appointed by the president chosen from individuals who are particularly active in the association and representative of the Federation. It is the Federation’s executive body and assures coordination at the presidential level.

The President is elected by the Assembly on the proposal of the Management Committee. He legally represents the Federation before third parties and in legal proceedings.

Vice-Presidents: these are the presidents of the sectorial trade associations; they work alongside the President in the implementation of the programme of activities, in the management and representation of the Federation.

  • Executive Board of FederlegnoArredo
    Executive Board
    Azzi Nicoletta Vice President President of Assopannelli
    Bordone Stefano Vice President President of Assoluce
    Bortolotti Paolo
    Buccilli Massimo Vice President President of EdilegnoArredo
    Calcaterra Alessandro Vice President President of Fedecomlegno
    Daniele Ezio Vice President President of Assoimballaggi
    Feltrin Claudio Vice President President of Assarredo
    Orsini Emanuele President
    Pastorino Paolo Vice President President of Assobagno
    Predari Marco Vice President President of Assufficio
    Semeraro Nicola
    Snaidero Roberto Past President
    Vaj Massimiliano Vice President President of ASAL Assoallestimenti
    Vidoni Marco Vice President President of Assolegno
    Zennaro Mauro
  • Management Committee of FederlegnoArredo
    Management Committee
    Anzani Giovanni
    Archiutti Denise
    Azzi Nicoletta President of Assopannelli
    Barzaghi Mario
    Battaglia Antonio
    Bazzichetto Andrea
    Bellin Gianfranco
    Bellucco Attilio
    Bentivoglio Paolo
    Besana Alessandro
    Bonaldo Alberto
    Bonzano Enrico
    Bordone Stefano President of Assoluce
    Bortolotti Paolo
    Buccilli Massimo President of EdilegnoArredo
    Caimi Franco
    Calcaterra Alessandro President of Fedecomlegno
    Caspani Luciano
    Cattoi Stefano
    Ceriani Simone
    Conficconi Alberto
    Conti Giuseppe
    Crosti Renato
    Daniele Ezio President of Assoimballaggi
    De Rosa Mario
    Di Fonzo Franco
    Fantoni Alessandro
    Feltrin Claudio President of Assarredo
    Galli Roberto
    Giovati Davide
    Iaccheri Fausto
    Iamunno Gerardo
    Iavarone Tommaso
    Invernizzi Giuseppe
    Kerkoc Roberto
    Livi Vittorio
    Luvisoni Piero
    Margaritelli Andrea
    Mascheroni Daniela
    Messina Cosimo
    Novello Gianfrancesco
    Orsini Emanuele President of FederlegnoArredo
    Pastorino Paolo President of Assobagno
    Pepori Marcello
    Perreca Luca
    Predari Marco President of Assufficio
    Rastelli Renzo
    Riva Simone
    Rivolta Matteo
    Rodriquez Rodrigo Past President of FederlegnoArredo
    Scaroni Angelo
    Scavolini Alberto
    Semeraro Nicola
    Snaidero Roberto Past President of FederlegnoArredo
    Stipa Sandro
    Valsecchi Gianfranco
    Vaj Massimiliano President of ASAL Assoallestimenti
    Vestita Ciro
    Vidoni Marco President of Assolegno
    Villari Barbara
    Vismara Elisa
    Zennaro Mauro
    Board of Auditors
    Rossi Paolo President
    Stringhini Mauro Silvestro
    Torri Amilcare
    Council of Sages
    Andrighetti Nicoletta
    Castellini Giuseppe Bruno
    Zanchi Roberto